Letter Recognition

I was recently asked, "What do you do to improve letter recognition?"

For letter recognition, I...
host Alphabet Bingo!
go to the dollar store and buy flashcards for my struggling kids and send them home to use with a note.
use cookie sheets and sugar to have them write specific letters in the "snow" (great sensory activity).
(we) sing and dance to Dr. Jean's "Alphardy".
(we) say the ABC chant every day.
use a LeapFrog DVD, "The Letter Factory".
use whiteboards and play, "Simon Says." Simon says write a G.
line my kids up by first letters of their name. "If your name starts with A line up."

That's all I can remember for now... The red activities are links to blog posts and more details.

What do YOU do to improve letter recognition? Leave a comment!

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