New Technology

One of the benefits of our new classroom is the new AV system. We use the projector to watch videos and the enVisions clips. I also use an iPod daily during seatwork and centers, playing mostly Steven Fite, Dr. Jean, and The Beatles (for our First Grade Promotion Ceremony--more on that later).

We also received two microphones, so one of my aides and I each have one. I love them, especially during centers when it's louder in the classroom. It's great to get everyone's attention. The kids also love to read from their journals or the morning messages using the microphones! They are much smaller than the mic I used in student teaching. You also have to get in the habit of clicking them off when you want to have a one-on-one conversation. Now, I just have to remember to stop taking it home accidentally!

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Dan Crow

In Trophies, he is a very popular singer/songwriter!

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The Votes are In!

Next week is Reading Week, so we voted for our top ten favorite books. Each student received two Post-Its and they stuck them above their favorite books.

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Spring is Here!

My little bugs performed FIVE times for our school. We sang songs, hula-hooped, jumped rope, recited poems, and read!
The boys had wings.
Every one made shirts.

The girls wore matching hair flowers.
I awarded my awesome students.

(Our school color is purple and our mascot is the monarch butterfly.)

b and d

I made this sign to remind children of the difference between b and d. I have seen less reversals. Maybe it's working?

Big Changes

I haven't posted in a while, simply because of chaos. In the past few months, our kinder aide left, we gained a new one, we gained a second one, we packed up our room, unpacked our room, and performed a Spring Assembly five times for the entire school.

Here is the new room...

I didn't put up too many things, but that will change over the summer. I'm thinking of switching to an ocean theme for next year...


St. Patrick's Day

A leprechaun left his shoes on top of our clock.

He also left two notes.

After returning his shoes, he left us a hat, full of chocolate!

His footprints leading to our classroom.
He also turned our toilet water green and left shamrock confetti in there!