Lesson Plan Book/Gradebook

I made this binder to keep my lesson plans in, until I turn them into the school.
This record book is solely for recording homework completion. The other grades and benchmarks I record are kept in the computer.

Keep it Neat!

I made these little 2.5" x 3" cards to attach to my crayon caddies, as a reminder to put their cups BACK the way they FOUND them! :)

More Shopping!

I used a 40% off coupon at Michael's for this scrapbooking storage wheely bag. It is definitely much cuter than the other option. It has zippered pockets for markers and supplies.
I found four cups for $1. I use the cups to hold crayons in my supplies caddies.

At Dollar Tree, they have a section for teachers. They have cute stamps, borders, posters, and lots of other great finds!

These bowls are great for hold small pieces during art projects. When we are doing a project whole-group, I put wiggly eyes, pom-poms, or any other small pieces in the bowls. When we use cereal as counting manipulatives. I pre-fill the bowls.


Here are some of the great things I have found for my classroom.
I found foam numbers for my water table at the dollar store and really cute border. I'll put the border in my bathrooms. Just $1!!
Here are some incentive charts I found for $2.99 at I ordered 10 of them!
I am in LOVE with these bins. They are big enough to fit 8.5" x 11" paper. I found them at Target for $2.50 each so I got 4 (I am thinking about going back to get more). I am using the red bin for my morning class's no name homework and the blue one for my afternoon class's no name homework. I color-code all of my things; red is AM and blue is PM.
These balls are perfect for the playground. They don't hurt if you get hit with one and they help improve hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
"They" always say the children who can read are the first jumpropers. I think it has to do with the rhythm... Another $1 find!

Summer Vacation

I have spent my very first summer vacation (we were a year-round school until this past year) planning and preparing for the 2009-2010 school year. I have been labeling items for the children and organizing. Every year, I start off with items pre-written, such as three days worth of name tags, apples for my bulletin board, and people cut-outs.

On the first day of school, I leave the "welcome" plaques on their desks with a piece of candy. We keep the apple nameplates at school, in case one forgets how to spell thier name during an in-class assignment.

I have been putting my laminator to good use creating non-fade labels. Some of my classroom decor is starting to fade and needs to be replaced.