New School for the New School Year

After 6 years at my wonderful school, May, I made the decision in April to transfer to a new school in August. May hired me right out of college and I learned so much there! My new school is 1 mile away, so I will no longer have to drive 17 miles, one way. My classroom has been packed up into a million boxes, sitting in storage. I can't wait to set up my new room. I am so anxious, like a first year teacher!

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Making 10 Cards

I made "Making 10" cards. I laminated cardstock, then added beads on a string so they can slide like an abacus, as they find ways to make 10, similar to a rekenrek.

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"Smartie" Pants

I made 60 tiny pairs of pants for a welcome gift on the first day of school for my kindergartners. I printed them on blue cardstock in a table. Then, I cut them out without a pattern, mostly using my paper cutter.

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