Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald came to perform a magic show for our school. Shockingly, only one child was scared to tears by him, but she got through it. :)

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Lesson Planning

In the Clark County School District, we now use an online lesson planning tool to create and share our lesson plans. The lesson plans are time consuming but extremely thorough. When plans are printed out, there are around 10 pages for a week of plans. For an obsessive person like myself, I enjoy the ability to color coordinate, plan far ahead, and not require paper copies of the Common Core State Standards when planning. Standards can be clicked on and dragged to where you need them. When you click on the colored subjet, the detailed plans come up in a new window.

Another useful feature is sharing the plans. I am able to share lessons with the other kindergarten and special education teachers.

Victor the Vampire

My friend published his first children's book, _Victor_the_Vampire_, in his new series. We will be reading this book for Halloween and the author will also be coming in to read the story to my classes. The students of the week will also receive their very own copy this month, too!

Please check out Of course, Victor the Vampire is on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Fall Leaves

We have been learning about fall. We watched the video about fall and collected some leaves. The leaves aren't falling from the trees yet, since we live in Las Vegas.

I used my personal laminator.

We wrote about our "Leaf Art."

Here is the leaf bin I set up in art center for the centers to take from.

As usual in autumn, pumpkins sit on the student tables.
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Octopals and Crabs

We used our handprints to make these crabs and liven up this wall.

We also used our handprints to make octopi. Then, we named them and wrote about them. The students were very cute and creative when writing their octopus's name, likes, and a describing word.

Now that I have 47 students, I ran out of room on the bulletin board so I hung them from the ceiling, too.

I made the worksheet myself and it only took about two minutes using the LD Traditional Print Lined font, seen here.

I helped each child spell one-on-one, since it was so early in the year.
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