Spelling Word Baskets

We made baskets for our spelling words. The baskets are filled with Easter grass and the spelling words are printed on cardstock. My kiddies love these!


Teachers' Workroom

"Whistle while you work."
Just a cute lil' bulletin board I made for our school's copy machine room.

Spirit Award

We finally earned our Spirit Award back! From each grade level, the class with the most students wearing school colors/shirts gets to display this award in their classroom window.

Our Top 10 Favorite Books

During Reading Week, each class made a list of their favorite books in our school. Here are our favs!

Yay for shoeboxes!

I had a shoebox drive in February and I kept the extras. I use them to store small Centers pieces.


5 Little Ducks

The children wrote about our favorite song/book, "Five Little Ducks."


Some Spring Writing

Our AM class art display.
We painted and wrote about butterflies!

"Butterflies have antenae and they are beautiful."

"Butterflies are colorful. Butterflies are beautiful. Butterflies are cute."


My Summer Vacation Project

My Storage Room.
Yikes! Yes, I am mortified. But I do have BIG plans to do my third overhaul and completely organize it (by month). The first time I cleaned it was in August 2007 ; the teachers in my room before me left everything from 1992. The second time was March 2008 (on my track break). I gave up an hour into it.
I really am fortunate to have this huge space and I need to get it together (oh, and there's a risograph in there)!

I Love An All "E" Day!

Every day the kids start on G. If they are good, their clips move up. If they are bad, their clips move down. I record their behaviors daily on sticker charts.

Kids' Favorite

At the end of each day and after chairs have been stacked, the kids beg me to play "Letter Ball." They just toss around the ball; they have to make the sound of the letter their hand touches.

My "Baby"

I am so lucky to have this Elmo, computer, and projector cart. I use it at least twice a day PER class!

Student Work

For art projects, I print out a quick sheet of labels, so parents can save their child's work and know exactly when they made it. Also, it reminds kids to WRITE THEIR NAME!

During Reading Week, we read "Hooway for Wodney Wat" and they chalked their favorite characters. As you can see, they liked Wodney and Camilla.


Daily schedule, which I follow religiously.
This ribbon is board-friendly AND it lets the children know what to expect.

They "share" these supplies on each table.

Of course, a picture of how the KIDS need to keep it (not me).

Spring Has Sprung in Kindergarten

The centers of the flowers are pictures of my students. I blurred out their darling, little faces for privacy. :)

Recent Centers

Here is how the children find their center(s).

Computers Center. We have a total of 5 computers (3 are the school's, 2 are mine).

Whiteboards Center and the picture in the picture shows how to clean the center.

Word Cups are great, enabling students to "sound out" and produce rhyming words.

Listening Center. What you can't see are the colored shapes on top of the headphones that match the color of the chair. It has saved me HOURS of untangling headphones!

Teacher Center. Kids love this one. They pretend they are the teacher.

I make overhead transparencies to review high-frequency words, shapes, letters, numbers, and promote one-to-one correspondence.

This really has nothing to do with Easter, just the time of year. Students put together the eggs, which make their spelling words. Then, they write that word on lined paper.

More Classroom Pictures

Each day, we add a bone to the bags. When we have reached our 100th day, we start counting down to the last day of school.

The door to our bathrooms and storage room.

My desk area.

Use every inch of your classroom for storage and organization. I numbered baskets under the drawers to store journals.

The door to the playground, which I use to post pictures and announcements for my kinder parents.

My Classroom

My desk. Note: It's free of clutter. Model your desk the way you want your students'.
Games Center and the children's artwork.

Every morning, as the students enter the room from the playground, they move their names. It's very useful at the beginning the year, since children learn to visually identify their names faster.

Listening Center.

Calendar area.