Recent Centers

Here is how the children find their center(s).

Computers Center. We have a total of 5 computers (3 are the school's, 2 are mine).

Whiteboards Center and the picture in the picture shows how to clean the center.

Word Cups are great, enabling students to "sound out" and produce rhyming words.

Listening Center. What you can't see are the colored shapes on top of the headphones that match the color of the chair. It has saved me HOURS of untangling headphones!

Teacher Center. Kids love this one. They pretend they are the teacher.

I make overhead transparencies to review high-frequency words, shapes, letters, numbers, and promote one-to-one correspondence.

This really has nothing to do with Easter, just the time of year. Students put together the eggs, which make their spelling words. Then, they write that word on lined paper.

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  1. I really like the picture of what a clean center should look like.