Valentine's Day Mailboxes

Today, we prepared for tomorrow's card exchange by making mailboxes. We read _Hello Kitty:_Happy_Valentine's_Day_. In the story, valentines get mixed up, so I emphasized the importance of matching the names to the correct mailbox! First, we painted and let them dry while we went to Computers.

Then we decorated with lace, paper, and stickers.

I used puffy paint to write each child's name on their mailbox. Now, we are ready!

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Valentine's Day Counters

As math manipulatives this Valentine's week, we are using old candy hearts. I sprayed them with hairspray to keep bugs (and kindergartners) away!

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100th Day

Today was our 100th day of kindergarten! We celebrated by dressing as 100 year olds, reading Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten, counting, and eating the number, 100.

I found these certificates at Target, in the $1 bin.
Last year, we used Twinkies for the "1," and today we used "cookie straws."

We used bingo daubers to make 100 gumballs in our machines.

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