Our Classroom Gift

Someone "special" visited our classroom during Christmas and gave us new crayons, glue, pencils, and erasers!


When we get back from Winter Break, we will be discussing snow. For Art Center next week, we will use cotton to simulate snow.

"Snow in Seconds" is a fabulous idea for any classroom in a desert. Just add water and the powder turns into fluffy, cold snow!


The Holidays

During the last few school days before Winter Break, we painted candy cane patterns, wrote in our journals about the cold and holidays, and we had a celebration on Friday. On Friday, it was Pajama Day (again) for the whole school. We sang, decorated cookies, and made/wrapped gifts for our families.

Here are the gifts... They are reindeer candy tins with an ornament (and candy) inside! I printed off 2 quick sheets of Avery 8160 labels for the gift tags.


The Perks

How stinkin' cute is this?!?!?!?! I love homemade gifts...

Bears, Bears, Bears

We discussed bears this week. We read literature about bears, wrote about bears, made bear art projects, and used ".org" websites to learn bear facts. Even I learned a lot!
Here are bear books we mades. I told them to go home and read it to their teddy bears.
We graphed the different colors of Gummi Bears.
I made each child a bag of Gummi Bears. I gave each child the same amount, so our graphs would look the same.
I listed the theme on the whiteboard.

In Art Center, we made bear puppets. They transcribed a sentence about bears and drew a picture.


It's December?!

We made these penguins today, as we welcomed December. This is my current (and favorite) bulletin board. The fabric I use pretty much year-round and the snowflakes are ornaments I bought the day after Christmas.

All Standards, All the Time

Today in reading group, I noticed my flashcards were looking pretty nasty... so I gave each kid a baby wipe and asked them to clean a stack of cards. While they scrubbed each letter, they had to make it's sound. :)