"Doggone" Great Work!

Here is the new bulletin board outside of my classroom. The teal shape people are from my AM class and the blue are from my PM class. I will take down the shape people in two weeks and put up a really cute autumn leaf art project! I will go back to a seasonal bulletin board in December. If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see the background fabric better...

Check-Out Aisle Find!

While checking out in Target, I glanced down and saw these little voice recorders. I thought what an excellent idea to record quick instructions for independent centers. For example, for Art Center, I recorded, "Please write your name, then paint." I velcroed the recorders to each center and put a star sticker on the "play" button, so they know how to make it talk. The recorders evan have a "lock" switch, so the children can't accidentally delete your instructions. Great find!

Storage Room: After

As previously mentioned, cleaning out my big, beautiful storage room was on my summer to-do list. It may not look organized, but it certainly is an improvement. I had an avalanche of supplies from my kinder parents come in, so I tried to create as much new space as possible. Thank you to my husband and BIL for putting all of the supplies away on the first day school!

New Centers

This school year, I decided I was fed up with flipping over the centers groups cards from AM to PM (and back again). So I made two sets of cards, with name lines. I laminated the cards, so I could use a vis a vis marker that wipes off easily, as students enroll and withdraw. Now, I just slide the white centers cards, in the direction the arrow is pointing. Centers are about 20 minutes each and they change weekly.
To help children REMEMBER their groups, I send home a sheet that lists their group names, so parents can practice with their kid.


First Day of School Letter to Parents

I "stole" the poem, but I can't remember from where... I put a basket of these outside my classroom door, so parents may grab one as they drop of their kindergartners.

It reads:

"Dearest Kindergarten Parents,

Here is a little gift for you, as you leave your precious one with me on the first day of school. When you hold this cotton ball in your hand, the softness will help you remember the gentle spirit of your child. After you’ve gone home and dried your tears with this tissue, make yourself a hot cup of tea. Put up your feet and relax. Remember that together, you and I, will work for your child to be the best they can be.

Thank you for entrusting your child to me for the coming school year. I will do my very best, each day, to be your child’s guide in learning and exploring this bright new world they have just stepped into. Have a great day and I will see you soon.

Mrs. Payne"

I'm Still Alive!

As any kindergarten teacher knows, the first weeks of kindergarten are EXHAUSTING! Kindergarten is the first experience a child may have with traditional school, a place in which you have to stay in your seat and are NOT allowed to play all day. We have standards and benchmarks to meet, people!!
Well I am still here and I have made it through the first, of many, challenging parts. My lovelies are now able to stay in their seats, raise their hands to speak, and follow (most of) the rules... Rejoice!