Write the Room

For this center, children take a clipboard and a pen and write the print they see around the room. It gives them some exercise and they love to see who can make a longer list.

When it's time to rotate, I call them over to my round table to check how many words they've written, reload paper, and get feedback.

Mailbox Center

We have created a "post office" as a center, where students draw another classmate's name, address an envelope, and write them a letter.

Once they address the envelope to their classmate, they put the name in the "Do Not Write" cup.
After every child has a letter, I play postman and put the letters in the cubbies.

Dental Hygiene Week

We are talking about teeth!
Here's a silly pop-up book, that asks you to brush various animals' teeth. I choose one child a day to do the brushing for me. We read it every day. I also painted the bottom portion of an egg carton to simulate teeth and how to use small circles when brushing.
Each child will add a tooth (3" long tooth cut-out), if they brushed their teeth that morning.
In our journals, we will write about the purpose of teeth. Teeth help us speak and they bite, tear, and chew food.
Here is our project in art center. The children color the giant lips, then use paint and a toothbrush to brush in small circles across the teeth.


Alligator Teeth

Yesterday on the playground, one of my students looked up and said, "Look at those alligator teeth in the sky." Adorable.