My Favorite Educational Website...

Every Monday, my PM class gets 40 minutes in the computer lab. A fourth grade class has the computer lab before us, so right before we get there, the fourth graders pull up my favorite website: It's too difficult for most of my kinders to type.

This website is amazing! Any educational website that can keep kinders engaged for 40 minutes is fabulous in my book! The website goes through each letter and rewards the students with virtual toy parts. For my readers, I can go onto the teacher website,, and advance them to the reading portion and skip the letter lessons. The students have to use their headphones, so the entire room is quiet... incredible! Occasionally, I'll hear a faint "/a/ /a/ /a/" or "the!" So cute.

On the teacher website, I can even see how many minutes each student has spent on the site at home.

(Ticket to Read working its magic.)
Below is a picture of their laminated cards that speeds up logging in (when there is only one of me and 29 of them). The cards have their pictures, usernames, and passwords. I hang them up on the wall next to the computers.

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