Today we made Indian headbands as we talk about Thanksgiving. We discussed what the Native American Indians used to eat, wear, and do. Previously, we discussed how they communicated. We read Thanksgiving poems and each child was give their own Indian name!

On a sheet of labels, I typed 30 Indian names. The brown are boys' names and the red are girls'. The kids (and parents) loved this. They thought it was funny when I would use their Indian name, instead of real name.I used the labels as name tags and stuck it to their shirts.

Fall has finally hit our playground. Now, the children can see this "leaf color change" I have been talking about!


  1. Small Flower has been wearing her headband and war whooping all afternoon. She even insisted I call her Small Flower.

  2. i did the same thing!!!! i used their own name in their native american name though... spirit shield seth, fly with the birds fatima, aztec ashley...
    & something similar for st. paddy's... mc or o was added to everyone's last name: haley mcpayne or haley o'payne :)