Every month, I send home a Parent Volunteer Calendar, providing parents with an assigned date and time I need their help on. I schedule Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Mondays are usually days that parent helpers will read a leveled reader with the students one-on-one at a desk, in the hallway. I provide the parents with a basket and the following:
  • Two copies of the book
  • Class List to call students from. They check off next to the student's name once they have read together.
  • Stickers to reward the students for their effort
  • Before, During, and After questions to check for understanding
  • Guided Reading flipbook
  • Number flashcards
  • Letter flashcards
On Thursdays, the parents call students into the hallway to practice number and letter identification with flashcards. On Fridays, I ask for help with AR tests, assigning new reading books, filing, and checking off homework participation. I always include a To-Do list...

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