End of the Year Celebration

This year I hosted the End of the Year Celebration for BOTH of my classes. All 52 kiddos came at 9:00am and we started the show at 9:30am. Here are my notes for the program, including the songs and poems.

I printed out and wrapped water bottle labels, which say End of the Year Celebration. My mom made 10 dozen cookies for the families.
The stage is decorated. When more than one class is on the stage, ALWAYS LABEL which class is on which side of the stage. For this celebration, I had a sign on the left that read, "AM," and a sign on the right that read, "PM."
Programs are laid out, which say:
The Itinerary
The Kids who are reading special parts
Special Thanks
Every child's name
I laid out kindergarten certificates, bundled with memory books and these folders. The parents pick them up after the show (or before).

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