Halloween Festivities

The first thing I did Thursday morning was take away the books and journals off the tables. Icing and reading material don't mix!

Then, we made these bat magnets. The paper was pre-cut by a wonderful mommy helper and the magnets were glued to the clothespins last week by my practicum student.

I put all materials into a bowl the night before, so it would be super easy to pass out to each table. The children enjoyed making these and most were correctly assembled! :)

We also made these Halloween puzzles, simply because they could do it independently and I could prepare the icing for the cookies.

(My example.)

We frosted pumpkin-shaped cookies and the students had a blast putting as much candy as the could on top. The parents donated all of the cookies, frosting, and candy.

We finished the day off with spider hats (here is the link) and Cheetos on the playground. After the Cheetos were eaten, I told them their orange fingers were from pumpkin dust... Boy, what a day!

What did YOU do in your classroom?

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  1. haunted houses... just like gingerbread houses made w/ the milk cartons... cotton candy for webs on the house, oreo cookie crumbs for dirt in graveyard, 1/2 of hard candies for gravestones in front yard, candy corn pumpkins for pumpkin patch in back etc.