Commotion in the Ocean

At Art Center, I keep this sign to remind children the steps to complete their art projects. Usually, it keeps them independent. The pieces are velcro, so as art projects change, I just swap the steps.
Here the students are told to write names first, then paint!

The Ocean theme is my favorite! As always, you have to keep lessons integrated, so I am incorporating math patterns in art!

Kid's favorite.
I drew goggles and a snorkel and used the riso to make copies on sturdy construction paper. This is a very difficult cutting task for a kinder, when cutting out the eye window. They wear these on their heads for the rest of the school day. In the journals, the children wrote about what they would want to see in the ocean with theeir goggles.

Water Table Center.
I put TONS of soap in there and some fake ocean life. Another favorite!


  1. I love the idea of having the steps in order for the art projects!

  2. I am an intern in a Kindergarten classroom now and I am about to use the "goggles and snorkel" idea for a unit on Manatees in a dramatic play experience! Wonderful idea!