Happy Earth Week!

On the classroom doors in our school, each teacher decorated their door for Earth Week. Our door shows how we keep our room "green."
1. I donate all my leftover scrapbook paper to art center. All drawing paper is "recycled."
2. We turn off the computers when we aren't using them.
3. We pick up our trash on the playground.
4. We have a recycling program at our school for papers.
5. We don't waste water when we wash our hands.
6. We use both sides of our school papers.
7. We planted a garden.
8. We use water-based paints (which the parents appreciate :).
9. We reuse household products, like egg cartons for art projects and oatmeal containers for storage.

1 comment:

  1. i didn't even know there was an earth week!
    what else did you guys do? i love it :)
    hopefully we will be recycling in the lunchroom next year!